Exploring Europe I

Chapter I

South from the Start

When I first set off interrailing around Europe with my Nikon D5000, I intended to come home with enough footage to make a short series of vlog-style videos about my time on the continent. Sure enough, I came back with hours and hours of video ready for editing; if only most of it were usable. Apparently I had overestimated not only my camera’s ability to film high-quality shots, but also my own ability to gather all the shots I needed to achieve my vision. Alas, the vlogging idea was scrapped soon after I landed back in London, and the project shelved until I could decide what to make of it.

Eventually, I picked it up again, and I’ve used the few decent shots I returned with to compile this video of the first portion of my travels; from my starting point in Bergen, Norway, until I left Copenhagen, Denmark. Having reviewed the footage from the rest of my trip, I’m hopeful that later episodes will be slightly more creative, entertaining, and all-round better than this one – I certainly got over many of my initial teething problems after a couple of weeks on the rails. I’m also aware of the fact that this video, and indeed the ones to come, are almost completely lacking in a ‘story’. There is very little narrative going on; they really are just short videos showing what I got up to. You have been warned.

Contrary to the title of this first instalment, my trip around the continent actually went (relatively) fantastically. I hope to get the next chapter out soon, but as mentioned in the disclaimer, I’m still learning my way around editing software and figuring out which production techniques and effects work for me, so it could be a while yet.

If you want to read more about my travels in Europe, head over to my other blog, which I regularly updated over the five weeks I spent zig-zagging between a total of fifteen cities in twelve countries.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy chapter one!

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