Exploring Europe II

Chapter II

Onwards and Eastwards

Chapter two of my travels across Europe (thankfully) seems to have taken me much less time than I anticipated to put together. This second instalment follows my journey into Amsterdam, The Netherlands, before I started east across the continent, up until I left Prague in the Czech Republic.

I was fortunate during this portion of my travels to be able to meet up with a couple of friendly faces. Firstly, my friend Adam, who appeared alongside me in Berlin; and later, my cousin Rona and her boyfriend Matthew, who happened to be in Prague at the same time as me. Their contributions to this video, while minimal, have been credited where credit is due. In all honesty, they were more interested in buying me mojitos on riverboat bars than starring in or helping film any footage – not that I’m complaining.

This chapter is slightly shorter than the previous one, and indeed than the two to come, as spending time with them meant that I didn’t get up to quite as much filming as I might otherwise have hoped to. Again, I’m not complaining. It’s a small price to pay for the company.

As with chapter one, the same disclaimers apply to chapter two: the camera was still relatively new to me; I didn’t plan properly for these videos or the footage I wanted to get; editing software is a confusing business; there is a definite lack of narrative to the video. Maybe chapter three will be better. Maybe not.

Either way, here’s chapter two in all it’s relative glory. As ever, head to my other blog to read more about my travels. I hope you enjoy it!

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