Exploring Europe III

Chapter III

Heading West

From Prague, where chapter two ended, I moved on to Budapest, Hungary, then west towards Interlaken, Switzerland.

As with Berlin and Prague, good company kept me busy and away from my camera, so Budapest features minimally in this segment despite being one of my favourite stops along the whole journey. Horrendous weather later limited my filming opportunities in Bled and Interlaken, as it often does, while Venice was crowded and loud despite being shrouded in history and beauty. So no, this video is not very long. But I can tell you that the next one is longer already.

Once again, please take this chapter with a pinch of salt. Read the disclaimer at the beginning. I am not a professional filmmaker (at least, not yet), and that shows in these videos.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this chapter. And, as ever, you can head to my other blog to read more about my travels.

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