Exploring Europe IV

Chapter IV

To Spain, and Beyond

This video marks the final chapter of my European adventure in summer 2017 – the last leg of my journey, as I cut across France to Barcelona, Spain, spent just over a week exploring this fantastic country, then ended my trip in Lisbon, Portugal.

To say that this summer was “the best summer ever” would be an understatement of monumental proportions. The five weeks I spent interrailing between June and July 2017 were quite possibly the best five consecutive weeks of my 22 years on this planet so far. They were five weeks of exciting, nerve-racking, inspiring, outrageous, adventurous, incredible fun; and if I’ve managed to get even a tiny amount of that across in these four films, then as far as I’m concerned they’re a huge success. And special thanks to all the fantastic people I met along the way, you made this trip what it was.

I confess, as the disclaimers have made very clear, the quality of filming has not always (read: rarely) been great. The storylines have been lacking, if not non-exisent. I was brand new to this when I started off in Norway, but I think I learned quickly, and I think that in these videos I’ve managed to make the most out of what I came back with. Besides, I expect a lot more of myself now, so any future videos will be better, I promise. I’ve got a few in the works already.

So I hope you enjoy the final chapter of ‘Exploring Europe’, as I hope that you’ve enjoyed the previous three, and I hope that you enjoy what comes next, whenever that may be. And, for the final time, don’t forget to check out my other blog!

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