Ant Antics

When I first moved back to Bristol at the start of August 2017, I quickly got my mitts on a second-hand macro lens and set about making a short film focusing on the diverse wildlife in my godmother’s back garden. Inevitably, job hunting and west country weather got the better of me, and I soon found myself forced to shelve the idea until Spring 2018 rolls around.

Fast forward a few months to December 2017, and I decided I was finally going to try and make something out of what little footage I had gathered over those few weeks in the summer. I was lucky that my lens purchase coincided with ‘flying ant day’ – a day which, as a zoologist, I have always found fascinating. This coincidence meant I had a large amount of flying-ant-related footage lurking on my computer, but a few hours later, that footage became this video.

It’s a short story with some questionable shots (aren’t they all on this blog?), but for a hastily prepared piece filmed using only a cheap 2:1 macro lens and a crumbling old Nikon, I think it’s not too shabby.

Will any of this footage make it into the final, originally planned film later this year? Maybe. If I ever finish making it, that is.

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