Wised-up and Wisdomless

Buckle up folks, it’s time for another I-got-bored-and-made-a-film-using-whatever-random-old-footage-I-could-find-laying-around-on-my-computer short film! This one’s a bit off-piste, but it’s a style I don’t normally try so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The footage was all taken in Copenhagen, where I got my first and only tattoo while I was travelling over the summer of 2017 (to those of you who’ve seen my mini-series Exploring Europe, you may have known this already). I’ve tried to make the video a bit different by avoiding any voices in the footage, thus relying on sound and picture alone to tell the story, which I think works well in such a short film.

I don’t really have much else to say about this one, to be honest – it’s only 45 seconds long, and I had it finished within two hours of finding the footage. It wasn’t exactly a technical effort, nor a creative one.

Many thanks to Casper at Wisdomless Tattoo Club, who kindly let me film him as he desperately tried to work around my camera while holding a needle in my foot. And, for those of you who may ask, it’s a Greek evil eye. Yes, I know it looks like a tiny blue target board.

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