Plastic… Fantastic?

Looking around my desk right now, without opening any of the drawers below it, I can count 14 pieces of plastic. Two are single-use, one of which is recyclable: a plastic bottle. The other 12, to my knowledge, are non-recyclable. One day, when their purpose is spent, they will end up in landfill. It isContinue reading “Plastic… Fantastic?”

Ant Antics

When I first moved back to Bristol at the start of August 2017, I quickly got my mitts on a second-hand macro lens and set about making a short film focusing on the diverse wildlife in my godmother’s back garden. Inevitably, job hunting and west country weather got the better of me, and I soonContinue reading “Ant Antics”

We’re Going to the Zoo

Bristol Zoological Gardens has been open since 1836, and is currently home to over 7,000 individuals of over 400 species (according to their 2007 census, as reported on Wikipedia at the time of writing). I have visited countless times in my life, from being pushed around in a buggy by my mother before I couldContinue reading “We’re Going to the Zoo”