Plastic… Fantastic?

Looking around my desk right now, without opening any of the drawers below it, I can count 14 pieces of plastic. Two are single-use, one of which is recyclable: a plastic bottle. The other 12, to my knowledge, are non-recyclable. One day, when their purpose is spent, they will end up in landfill. It isContinue reading “Plastic… Fantastic?”

Ant Antics

When I first moved back to Bristol at the start of August 2017, I quickly got my mitts on a second-hand macro lens and set about making a short film focusing on the diverse wildlife in my godmother’s back garden. Inevitably, job hunting and west country weather got the better of me, and I soonContinue reading “Ant Antics”

Pictures of the Picos

When I was thinking about┬ámy five-week interrailing trip around Europe for the summer of 2017, I knew I wanted to dedicate at least a week to Spain. Somehow, I had never been before, and here I had the opportunity to explore it to my heart’s content. Or slightly less, as it would turn out, becauseContinue reading “Pictures of the Picos”

Between Two Lakes

Interlaken is a small, modern town nestled between the twin lakes of Brienz and Thun in central Switzerland. Surrounded by the imposing beauty of the Alps, it’s easy to get lost in the surreal scenery; so for two days in June 2017, that’s exactly what I intended to do. I wish I could say thatContinue reading “Between Two Lakes”

Church on the Water

Lake Bled resembles something straight out of a fairytale. It’s one of the most famous lakes in Eastern Europe, and the only one in Slovenia, nestled next to its namesake town of Bled in the north-east of the country. In its center is a small island, atop which a tiny church sits, rising out ofContinue reading “Church on the Water”

The Trolls’ Tongue

The western fjords of Norway are unparalleled in their beauty. Formed by a series of ancient glacial movements, the fjords are famous for their steep valleys, serene lakes, and dramatic untouched landscapes. I visited western Norway in mid-June 2017, and it quite simply took my breath away. It is here, nestled in the municipality ofContinue reading “The Trolls’ Tongue”